Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sharing 20schemes with Hope United Methodist Church

This past weekend, I took along my trusty photographess (AnnaKate) and headed off to Dayton, Ohio, where I met up with my friend Jason Bunger, pastor of Hope Church. Jason and I met at The Gospel Coalition conference in Orlando back in April. He stopped by our 20schemes booth and chatted with me and, before he left, he had booked this time for me to come and share our ministry with the folks at Hope.

I spoke in both morning services using our Powerpoint presentation and some video. The material was put together by Mez and his staff and makes use of some very sobering stats put out by the Scottish government each year. Look for a post on this soon with corresponding graphics of just how bad things really are across Scotland and especially in the schemes. Jason also allowed me to do a Q&A session for the adult Sunday school between services.

Jason and his wife, Dawn, hosted us in their home and were great to allow us time with them and one of their little girls, Joy-Joy. Thanks so much Jason and Dawn, and thank you to Hope Church for your kindness in allowing us to come. We look forward to what the Lord will do in our partnership of grace for the unreached in the schemes of Scotland. 

Enjoy the pictures of our time with these precious folks! 


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