Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our continuing adventure in Scotland

We've had quite a busy time here in the Highlands -- it's hard to believe that we've already been here a week!

A sweet group of believers met together on Sunday for worship. Jeff preached from Mark 5 both morning and evening, and the most common response we heard was, "I've never heard anything like that before!" Thankfully, it was meant in a positive sense; it seemed that both exposition and Jeff's style were welcomed. Later in the week, we came across a sign that seemed to sum up the current general feeling about faith in the UK -- you'll see it pictured below. A more positive sign was discovered at the church -- they feel a kinship with Texas because some in the church were saved through the evangelistic efforts of a mission team from Dallas in years past. Seeing the Texas-shaped clock on the wall made me happy! Tonight we'll join with the church family again for prayer and a Bible study led by Jeff.

On Monday, we were able to have some time away as a family. We ventured into Elgin (Jeff drove brilliantly) to visit an authentic fish and chips shop owned by a freind of our hosts. There was a Starbucks nearby, but we opted to go a bit more local and sat for a bit in Costa Coffee. AnnaKate declared it the best coffee she'd ever had (then qualified that with, "except for Daddy's"). And about the sandwich below... it contains Coronation Chicken, which is a part of British history as the recipe was developed for Queen Elizabeth's coronation in 1953.

One of the highlights of our visit has been getting to know our hosts, John and Rosemary. And we were glad to meet their children over the weekend, as well (their daughter, Lynsey, is shown below). And we must say that Bella, their dalmation, was a sweet surprise as we left our own Bella at home!

Our visit so far has been a mix of past, present, and a hope for the future. We're enjoying the history that surrounds us at every step (see Jared below on top of a World War II bunker), as well as the spiritual heritage that is Scotland's. As we get to know the church family here, we clearly see the present need for revival in this village and all of Scotland. In all of that, we are encouraged by the hope that has been expressed to us. A hope for the children of the village to hear of the Lord, for the people of the here to be drawn by the Lord, for the church family to be revived by the Lord. This is our prayer, and if the Lord chooses to use us to this end, it will be a privilege.


  1. Fantastic!! What a wonderful experience for you all. The hope that has been expressed to you is now shared and hoped for here in the good ol' southern state of Georgia! While I (we) would hate to see you relocate so far away, I can almost feel the refreshing the saints there would receive through Jeff's preaching of the Word and the love of Christ you all have to pour out.
    Praying for you all~
    ~M and Co

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Mary. Can't wait to share more with you once we're home!

  2. I have been praying for your family's Scotland trip! I hope all continues to go well. :)
    xoxo Petie

    1. Thanks, Petie. I'm sure AnnaKate will be blogging about the trip once we get home, so stay tuned!