Monday, January 13, 2014

3 ways you can help us help 20schemes | revisited

As we come near to marking our first year with 20schemes, we thought it might be helpful to revisit a some of our earlier posts. We originally posted this back in May 2013, and thought it might be helpful to some newcomers to our ministry and 20schemes.

1. Support. We continue working to raise our monthly support even as we are developing partnerships for 20schemes. Please partner with us in prayer to this end -- and if you'd like to partner financially, as well, you can learn how to do that here. Some folks  opt to support us monthly, others have provided a one-time gift, still others have done both.

2. Subscribe. We love telling folks about the work of 20schemes, and two ways we do that include this blog and our e-newsletter. We hope to post here several times a week, and our e-newsletter will go out about once a month. To be sure you receive each update, we'd love for you to subscribe to both the blog and the e-newsletter. And we have a subscribe page to help you subscribe to either or both. Also, follow our Facebook page and Twitter feed for frequent ministry updates.

3. Share. Can you help us get the word out? Here are a few easy ways to share:
  • Share our blog posts on Facebook, or email the link to a few of your friends with a personal note.
  • Share our Facebook updates with your Facebook friends.
  • Retweet as we post on Twitter.
  • When you receive your e-newsletter, share it with folks and ask them to subscribe (it's free). There's a handy button at the bottom of each e-newsletter that makes it easy for you forward to a friend. (There are also buttons for sharing on Facebook and Twitter -- feel free, by all means!)
  • If you see we'll be in your area, consider hosting a missions fellowship in your home or at your church. We'd love to meet your friends and share our ministry with them, too.
  • Tell your pastor about our ministry. And let us know if your church might be interested in hosting us to come and share, whether it's as part of a missions conference, for Jeff to preach in a Sunday service or lead a men's conference, for Suzanne to speak to a women's group, or simply to share the vision of 20schemes in a worship service. You can see our current schedule here, and learn how to contact us here.
Will you help us help 20schemes? It's easy, and we can't do it without you!

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