Thursday, June 6, 2013

From Living Among the Dead to Life Everlasting

This past Sunday, Jeff preached the power of Christ to subdue and save a demon-possessed man who was living among the dead (Mark 5). We'd like for you to meet Paul, a man from the schemes of Scotland who also once lived among the dead. In this video, Paul shares his testimony as he is baptized at Niddrie Community Church.

When Jeff visited Scotland this past February, he had the privilege of meeting Paul (along with several other newly saved schemers). Paul had just found a volunteer position -- his first job. He was filled with the joy of his salvation and the joy of being useful. And like the former tomb dweller of Mark 5, his joy overflows as he shares the life-changing power of Christ with everyone he meets.

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  1. That testimony was so encouraging! Thank you so much for posting that.

  2. I'm glad it encouraged you, Charissa! Thanks for stopping by (and hoping it's not too long before we can see you in person again!).