Friday, June 21, 2013

Sharing 20schemes with Houston Lake Presbyterian Church


"Give me Scotland or I die!"

This was the fervent prayer of John Knox in the mid-1500s. And Scotland did become a bastion of Christianity, standing firm against religious tyranny and later sending missionaries all over the world to share the gospel.

Sadly, Scotland's rich spiritual heritage is now a distant memory, especially in the schemes. We were privileged to share the mission of 20schemes -- gospel churches for Scotland's poorest -- with Houston Lake Presbyterian Church in Warner Robins, Georgia, this past Sunday. During the School of Discipleship (adult Sunday school), Jeff explained the hopelessness and destructive cycles faced by many living in Scotland's schemes, then he outlined the plan to reach those in need with the gospel by planting gospel churches right in their midst:
  1. Identify 20 schemes as priority areas.
  2. Where possible, identify church revitalization partners in or near those schemes.
  3. Recruit church planters, female outreach workers, and ministry apprentices to send into those schemes.
  4. Develop church partners to support and resource our work in the schemes.
  5. Invest in indigenous leaders by providing training, resources, and support.

After the service, we were able to chat with many in the church family. They were encouraging and asked many thoughtful questions about 20schemes and our work with this ministry. A number of folks also signed up for our e-newsletter, which we hope to begin sending out monthly. We're thankful to Pastor Paul Bankson and the elders for inviting us to share.

Scotland once sent out missionaries to unreached people; now missionaries will be going to unreached people in Scotland and, Lord willing, new leaders will rise up from within Scotland as the Lord works through His Word. Will you partner with us to see this accomplished?

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