Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5 Reasons You'll Like 20schemes (part 1)

1. We are squarely grounded in the gospel of God's grace.

What we don't mean: we don't use "bait and switch" techniques to lure and trick people into conversations with us. And we don't water down the message of Christ's death and resurrection by dumbing down the truth about Jesus. He told us we must deny ourselves, take up our cross (die to self and to the world) and follow Him (Mark 8:34).

What we do mean: we lead out with the gospel of grace by telling people that their greatest need is forgiveness of sins by grace alone, in Christ alone, through faith alone. We do this one relationship at a time and one encounter at a time over the long haul.

2. We are committed to the long haul as we live alongside those we are attempting to reach.

What we don't mean: we are not thinking short-term about our church planting work, and we are not planning or working from models of ministry which envision a new church plant being self-sustaining in a prescribed number of years.

What we do mean: we plan and plant with a marathon mentality aimed at sustained, growing, gospel relationships. We are planting and revitalizing in and among the people we hope to reach with the gospel. We live and interact with many of the things they have to face in the daily routines of scheme life. Our message and our life combine to display the power of God's grace to define, give meaning to, and overcome the experiences they see us sharing in.

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