Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Incredible Stories of God's Saving Grace

In a recent post entitled, What a Few Scottish Schemers Did for a Georgia Redneck, I introduced you to Ralphie, Ricky, and Paul, three recent converts from the schemes through the ministry of Niddrie Community Church (NCC).

At NCC, each new convert is given the opportunity to share their story of conversion to Christ at their baptism as part of their public confession of faith. These testimonies are video recorded and Pastor Mez McConnell often includes them as posts on the 20schemes blog. Over the next few weeks, look forward to several posts linked to these powerful testimonies. In addition to these men, we will link to the story of Charlene and how two years of patient love and hard gospel labor led to her conversion.

Here is Ralphie's testimony: subtitles are necessary as his accent is very thick and his slang is hard to follow.

Ralph from Niddrie Community Church on Vimeo.

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