Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vision Trip: Craigmillar Castle

I went to Scotland in early February and from time to time I would like to share some of my pics with you. I am no photographer, Suzanne and AnnaKate got all of that talent, but at least you'll be able to see a bit of what it's all about.

The pics in this series are from Craigmillar Castle. It lies just outside of Edinburgh. It might well be considered a kind of local secret as far as castles go. Because of the draw of the larger and better preserved Edinburgh castle, not many tourists ever hear of or visit Craigmillar. Too bad, it is really cool. Lots of tunnels, passageways, and winding stair cases to explore. When you visit you are allowed to go in and walk through the entire castle at your leisure, and the views from the top are stellar.

If you take one of the 20schemes five-day vision trips you will be able to spend some time touring Craigmillar. For more info on the different trips 20schemes sponsors please contact Jeff.  For more on the history of Craigmillar castle go here and here. Enjoy!

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